The Facilitator Programme

About the Facilitator Programme

A module-based international facilitator training award, providing tailored qualifications in the delivery of the Footnotes Visual and Multilayered Thinking Programme.


Following the success of the Footnotes Programme, our vision is to enable people to share their successes and experiences of  visual multi layered thinking (VMT) with others so that many more can be reached. Becoming a Footnotes Facilitator is that next step; being one would allow you to bring the Footnotes Programme into the field you work in, specialising in the strategies that suit your particular needs.


Footnotes supports individuals in the realms of:

  • learning
  • memory
  • entrepreneurial thinking
  • innovation
  • revelation
  • reconciliation
  • communication
  • language translation
  • organisation and productivity

This is relevant to both corporate,  education, and social settings. Many are surprised by how beneficial Footnotes is to their own existing skills base.

Because Footnotes has such a diverse set of applications, Facilitator training is delivered as a portfolio of modular techniques, which are tailored to the specific requirements of the user in accordance with their professional field, or personal interests. 

Who It’s For

With all that in mind, Facilitators can clearly come from many different contexts. Some may use Footnotes as a support worker within education; for others it might be offering training in a corporate setting, working within a social services role or enhancing your home schooling techniques.

The international community of Footnotes users includes:

  • Teachers, through from Pre-School to College
  • University Lecturers
  • Learning Support Assistants
  • Businesses looking to improve their creativity and innovation
  • Humanitarian Aid organisations helping people in crisis
  • Not-for-profit organisations helping to bring business regeneration
  • Private tutors
  • Parents/guardians
  • Homeschoolers
  • Entrepreneurs needing help with personal organisation

The Benefits

No matter how you want to use your training, the Footnotes techniques that you gain will be an aid for life, and give you skills that benefit you personally, as well as professionally. As an individual, once qualified, you could use the training within your employer organisation, as part of the Footnotes organisation and affiliated charitable programme Footnotes Reach, or as a free-lance consultant. You might deliver the programme one-to-one or with groups, either in person or even via video tutorial. 

This training offers qualified Facilitators the opportunity to charge established tutor hourly rates for their services, and employers benefit from that added value within their organisation.

Additionally, It is often in the interest of an organisation, or school, to be recognised as specialising in the Footnotes Programme. You can read more about this here.

Independent Trainees

If you would like to become part of the Footnotes leadership community, but haven’t got a place within which to learn and develop your skills, please do not let that be a barrier. Get in touch to find out about placement (and potential employment) opportunities through our network of schools and other organisations. We can give you the support and encouragement needed to  get going as an independent trainee facilitator.

You may be looking to create self-employment within a local context, in a way that suits yours and your family’s routine. This might be in education learning support, or as a business mentor for budding entrepreneurs. Alternatively, perhaps you want to take some time to make an impact on a community away from home; if so, there are opportunities for you to take your training into global humanitarian contexts across many countries, or even new locations at your suggestion. 

Do read on, to find out about how flexible the training process is.

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