About Footnotes Visual learning techniques. Get support with dyslexia and learn practical ways to use your dyslexia to your advantage.

Discover Wisdom Beyond Your Years!

With Footnotes you can make notes at the speed of thought, carry multiple ideas simultaneously and all the while see the bigger picture.

The Footnotes Programme is a flexible series of visual multilayered thinking techniques. They are straightforward to teach, easy to learn and highly adaptable to any individual or situation. This is being constantly proved. As Footnotes visual learning style strategies are increasingly applied to many aspects of community life all over the world. This global application is partly due to the lack of emphasis on words. This makes Footnotes particularly accessible in, and transferable to, any language.

The Grids System

Footnotes visual learning style strategies is made up of a set of 30+ drawing-related strategies that use a grid. This is using either paper or digital format to give people a different way of mapping their thought processes.  This enables people in finding their voice as they learn how to process inner thoughts and feelings. This without having to sequence ideas or choose words. This could later be given structure and translation in many different ways, including words, so it can be externalised to others.

So Simple

It is so simple that sometimes people don’t always grasp how effective Footnotes is. Until they begin to use it. For others, it’s the thing they always knew, but never had the permission or framework to live and work in this way. We understand that we are all wonderfully unique  and it’s vitally important that we are able to communicate in our preferred way.

From education to enterprise, communication to community, reconciliation to healing, Footnotes is for anyone.