” Logic  will get

  you from  A to B.


  will take you

  everywhere! “

                             Albert Einstein

Capture Ideas

at the speed of thought!

with Footnotes Grid







It’s fast, easy and very discreet.

Be free to express!


you to

get on top!

Footnotes VMT Visual Learning Techniques using grids

Footnotes VMT Visual Learning TechniquesFind out how Footnotes can help you!

“In Search of Words”

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Footnotes VMT – Visual Multilayered Thinking

Footnotes VMT gives the ability to understand and express ones thoughts and feelings, in a visual multilayered way. This can be translated into many spheres: from education to enterprise, communication to community, reconciliation to healing.

Footnotes is a programme of 30+ strategies which opens doors to imagination. It promotes the process of capturing and defining layers of hopes and aspirations, whilst bringing a wonderful sense of understanding and order to life in an encouraging and personalised way. These are multi-layered thinking strategies which engage with the genius within. Give Footnotes a try and prepare to be amazed at how truly skilled you already are!

Feedback on Footnotes VMT

“Thanks 4 visiting! Since I learned of the grid, I’ve done more on my PhD in a week than in 3 years previously!”

“I am the CFO for a London based management consultancy and have been actively using the grid for over four years. The grid helps me sort my thoughts quickly. Examples of where I apply the grid include, solving a complex business problem, preparing a speech and taking notes. The benefit of the grid is not only the freedom of using a visual approach but also a neat way of coping with multi-layered thinking. My life has not been the same since being exposed to footnotes and Oliver.”

“Quite an eye-opener! I really enjoyed the workshop. Will definitely implement it in my school.”

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