The Reach Project

The Footnotes Reach Project has been set up to extend aspects of the Footnotes Programme to communities in various parts of the world that are currently not able to fund or sustain the Footnotes Programme themselves. Footnotes Reach invites organisations or individuals to offer funding and/or specialist skills support within the delivery of the Footnotes Programme. Footnotes Reach can also be commissioned by governmental and non-governmental aid organisations, supporting eligible individuals and communities worldwide.


As the benefits of the Footnotes Programme across a broad spectrum of life became increasingly evident, so did the realisation that we can offer something unique to communities in crisis. This is how our Footnotes Reach project first started in South Africa. We were amazed at how great an impact Footnotes had in extremely chaotic and tragic circumstances, combating weapons possession, reducing rates of sexual violence and bringing restoration to hurting and hopeless situations.

Ever since these early stories of success, opportunities to take Footnotes into other humanitarian contexts have continuously expanded, as has the need to find financial partners that can help us extend this work into these new communities across the world.

We work with those who are currently not able to fund the Footnotes programme for themselves. However, our long-term view is to help them sustain the techniques locally, and support their community to thrive as they apply Footnotes strategies to businesses and community groups.

As part of this work Oliver has also connected with the Swiss NGO Global Hope Network International (GHNI), taking on the role of Director of the Learning Transformation Project. Partnering with GHNI he has most recently been working with refugees in a number of countries surrounding Syria. The training that Footnotes provides was requested in response to overwhelming needs at many levels, not least the mounting erosion of hope and sense of place. Sharing Footnotes with local leaders and policy makers, as well as those living in need, will ensure that the programme is delivered with sustainable and long-term effect.


There are Footnotes Reach projects in various locations worldwide, and we continue to return to these to offer ongoing support. In addition to this, Oliver has trained development leaders working in a broad range of countries, all of which have extended partnership invitations to us. As our work increases we look forward to expanding into these new locations.

Find Out More

To find out much more about this charitable project, including success stories, location information and ways to get involved, please visit the Footnotes Reach website.