Visual Multilayered Thinking, or ‘VMT’, is a way of processing that isn’t necessarily word-based or linear, and loads of people do it. It is more like a network of connected thoughts and ideas, which might not narrow in on verbal descriptions at an early stage. Unfortunately however, much of modern western education ideas are based on a factory line model of learning, promoting rote, linear, word-based processing. This then translates into the world beyond schooling, and is prevalent in many organisations, businesses and the tendencies of individuals. This leaves some people behind, unable to succeed within those constraints, unable to live up to their full potential.

Understanding the way we can think in multi-layers can be very useful, just like this wholsesome breakfast !

Words talk about what you already know, what’s already happened. Thoughts and activities without words give a person the opportunity to consider, create and discover something new and significant. The act of quickly jotting down grouped images — as with the Footnotes technique — is one powerful way of capturing the uniqueness of that realisation or experience and then doing something wonderful with it!

How multi-layered are you ?

Do you find it hard to sit still or keep your mind on just one thought?  Do you overcomplicate questions asked of you? Footnotes can turn these frustrations into positive attributes, helping you to feel more comfortable in your own skin, as you better harness your multi-layered abilities.

Footnotes techniques are based upon VMT principles. Using consultation activities and exercises, we can help you understand the ways that people think and act individually, and then learn how to awaken and properly utilise these skills. As an example, you might like to do an activity which helps you to see what your balance is between your visual, auditory and kinesthetic. This can help in so many areas of daily life, such as when you need to listen and remember information.

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