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Consulting & Guest Speaking

 Footnotes / VMT Consulting & Guest Speaking for:

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Motivational Speaking

Oliver is invited to speak at conferences or public events where there’s an opportunity for individuals to get a quick snapshot awareness of themselves, and those they work with, in the area of visual multilayered thinking (VMT)  Using consultation activities and exercises, the audience is quickly given the opportunity to understand more about their individual balance between your visual, auditory and kinesthetic characteristics. This can help in so many areas of daily life, such as when you need to listen and remember information. The feedback is positive:  It’s uplifting, encouraging, interactively dynamic, and therefore a good starter to an event or conference.

Alongside VMT awareness, Footnotes creates a platform for the rest of the conference, enabling individuals to identify the relevance of visual multilayered thinking, not just in their lives but also in the lives of the people that they work with.

Conferences and Group Meetings

Whether it be organising a conference, bringing a meeting together, or dealing with mediation situations, there are a number of ways in which Footnotes VMT can be of support. This might be through the use of the Footnotes Grid system.

If you’d like to book Oliver as a keynote or in a motivational speaker setting, contact us here.

Team Building

FootnotesVMT delivers a plethora of interactive experiences to any learning or working group.

The VMT (Visual Multilayered Thinking ) awareness sessions offer non-confrontational activities which highlight the unique qualities and thinking styles of individuals and within the group as a whole.

With the use of the Footnotes Grids Modules, whole teams can develop a deeper understanding of one another and importantly a rich knowledge of how best to work together to bring out the best in each individual team member. The range of grids helps to highlight best practice in areas such as :

Getting Above Water Together – Inclusive Bespoke Team Building

  • Relating to one another
  • Position/role within the team,
  • Working routines and schedules,
  • Listening skills,
  • Time management,
  • Communication,
  • The learning/working environment,
  • Target setting,
  • Idea sharing,
  • honouring,
  • Accountability,
  • Differences of opinion,
  • Personal and project assessment,
  • Foresight
  • Sharing responsibility.

These are just some examples. The actual process of using Footnotes is fun and highly adaptable within the learning and working team.

Helping you to envision your team, save loads of time/resources whilst creating a fun team to be part of.

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Bringing Order to Life’s Puzzles – The VMT Way!

VMT Consulting & Advocacy

‘Support’ can evidence in many ways, and can be as diverse as providing a solution that reorganises a team, finding more suitable working solutions for each member. Or helping to identify “the best” plan whilst saving time and money in the process. Footnotes can offer surprisingly accurate assessment tools in problem-solving situations too.

 VMT Advocacy services offer alongside support for individuals who for example may need a unique form of two-way translation from and into their current situation due to their learning difference. This can sometimes lead to support alongside situations such as means-testing or in relation to legal disputes.

The examples go on….. Get in touch to find out more! 

Footnotes Techniques Consulting

Footnotes VMT consulting can be booked in a number of ways. These include site visits, where meetings and mediation and assessment programmes can be developed and managed, as well as individual meetings carried out by conference call via online video connection, or training away days.

With the different modes of grid uses, an overall understanding of what Footnotes does can be brought into many working situations. For example, where documents need to be produced in a certain way, assessments have to be made, or working groups need to have specific support for their particular area of work and activity. In-house assessments can be made to offer and enable Footnotes VMT grid use in very individual ways.

Reconciliation Beyond Words-Non Confrontational Peacemaking

Mediation / Reconcilation – Planning & Delivery

A toolbox with activities and mapping strategies, which offer realtime solutions to sensitive situations.

A truly equality and diversity sensitive programme, which enables all parties to manage step by step participation whilst holding the reigns to how much information is shared.

This non-discriminative set of tools enables dialogue to begin long before agreements have been forged or even feelings or opinions have been declared.

Time nor reason need to dictate the process, allowing for a confidential and free-flowing exchange, for as long as is needed.

Footnotes VMT,  alongside but not in the way !

Mapping Tools With Reach

Lawmakers / Policymakers.

From the most prominent of law and policymakers to the most vulnerable of children in a village, the breadth of strategies offered by this easily transferrable programme enables workable solutions that transcend barriers of language, culture and even finance. Why is it so successful? Because of its simplicity, and its ability to be uniquely relevant, no matter the environment or situation. VMT awareness and Footnotes consultation support can be effectively brought into challenging and complex situations that many a  law or policymaker may face. Footnotes provides a truly unique way of keeping abreast of all aspects of a document, no matter how many disparate parties are involved in the collaboration

Programme & Curriculum Planning

Footnotes offers unique planning and mapping solutions which can grow a programme or curriculum in such a way that it remains relevant and easily updatable. This way of planning frees the recipients to learn or work in their prefered ways. This affords less teaching requirements making much more room for more of a mentor/facilitators approach. Assessment tools can be embedded so that both delivers and receivers are able to equally measure progress in real-time. Progressive tools at your fingertips. Keeping it real and relevant in these fast-changing times.

We believe there is a ” grid for it ” Get in touch to find out more! 

Bringing Balance With Footnotes Assessment Tools

Assessment & Appraisal Structuring

Where assessment and appraisal are required, Footnotes can bring together fair and confidential assessment, and valuable appraisal, that can suit both the provider and the recipient. There are a number of grids that can be used to quickly create, not only the feedback required to make assessment and appraisal, but also the questions and criteria that would form an assessment or appraisal activity. Whether gathering personal self-assessment strategies, or professional development appraisals, Footnotes can offer much support.