Referrals are made to Oliver or to a registered Footnotes Facilitator. Individual or group referrals can be made by any public sector organisation. Support for learning, behavioural, professional development, and health and welfare-related reasons can be commissioned for people of any age. Basic information about reasons for the referral are useful but not essential, e.g. any educational behavioural statements or learning related diagnoses. It is normally advised that the referral is made for between two and six initial sessions to establish the appropriate strategy of support. On some occasions only two sessions are required, as the individual may find that they are able to instigate the use of Footnotes strategies immediately, although sometimes another professional service may need to be referred to. We have also found that the Footnotes VMT Programme has been useful alongside long term intervention, effective even with sizeable gaps between each session. Where possible referral is made on the basis that the person has agreed to it but in some situations the Footnotes Programme can be applied by court order.

To make a referral, download the referral form here. Referrals can be sent by post or email, details are provided on the form. Please fill in what is relevant and add any additional information in the comments.  Or click on the contact button below if the questions on the form are not suitable for your referral criteria, or perhaps you have some questions first.