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Become a Facilitator

The Process of becoming a Footnotes visual learning techniques facilitator

 Becoming a Footnotes Facilitator easy and fast, so you wont need to stop what you’re doing in order to pick up these new skills. Click here to see how it can be done.

Training Options

The process of becoming a Footnotes Facilitator is designed to be flexible, and easily adapted to suit the learning and life styles of those training. Essentially though, there are five different streams to get to the same qualification:

One-to-one training  (usually online). This is available to anyone, anywhere in the world, and is tailored to your requirements, as well as your schedule and finances. You can book individual sessions as and when, or a set for a discounted rate. Some locations in the UK and Europe may be available in person (feel free to enquire about this) but on the whole these take place via online video platforms.  The fee for these one-to-one online sessions start at £18 per session.

On-location Conference training. These events gather trainees together in one location, for intensive input into a shared field. A great way to accrue training and practise in a very short period of time, though you may still need to go away and evidence your understanding before receiving accreditation. We organise these periodically in various places but if enough like-minded people in a particular location wish to have a local training event we are happy to run additional ones. Prices vary depending on country and currency. For more information on prices please send us an enquiry.

Online Conference training. The most cost effective way to receive input. We use internet-based, conference calling technology to bring together trainees to gain training without the limitations and overheads of travel and venue. Usually 3 x 50 minute time zone relevant sessions. The fee for this would be £94 sterling per delegate. 

In-house training with one of our trainers. Invite us to your organisation, to offer bespoke training to your staff according to your unique needs. Due to the variable nature of these venues, please contact us for more information regarding prices.

On project training with Reach. A way to explore the world and offer valuable support to a different community. You can choose to travel with a team to various locations to help us establish or maintain a Footnotes Reach project; completing training and evidencing in one go, as well as helping others and having a cross-cultural adventure! You’ll see just how universal Footnotes is and return home with new skills to use voluntarily, at work or self-employed. Find out more about this our charitable project Footnotes Reach here.

Your Modules

When you have decided to become a Footnotes Facilitator, generally you will choose a specialisation of modules, depending on your field of work. There is a large and varied collection of modules, the list currently stands at over thirty and can be found here. There are also other grids not on the list, as more are always being developed. So if your area of expertise has a particular need that doesn’t seem to be met, it could well be that a grid we haven’t made publicly availability exists just for you. Do make contact and ask, because we always tailor our training to suit.

Many of these modules have applications to multiple fields. If you’re not sure which to go for, we can recommend certain combinations in line with your needs and interests. Your set can be easily built up over time, you do not need to choose all in one go.

Because Footnotes is so readily transferrable, time and time again, we have seen examples of people who have been briefly introduced to Footnotes through a friend, or a work colleague, or other, who have run with the strategy in its most basic form, thinking that they have ‘got it’ , but who, sadly, are unaware of the full breadth and scope that Footnotes  could actually cover.

There are numerous underpinning values found within all of the modules, so we recommend that you build up an overall understanding of  Footnotes early on in your training. The Footnotes Foundations Workshop provides useful training of the fundamental values of the Footnotes grid, and it’s uses.


Whatever you choose, it will need to be supplemented with evidence of you applying Footnotes in your context, as you consolidate your learning. This might be in the form of observations, videos, audio, copies of grids made, statistics that show progress and written evaluations, including where possible from those you are supporting. The feedback we are looking for includes:

  • what you did
  • when you did it
  • the subject/situation it was applied in
  • any challenges you faced
  • the outcomes/breakthroughs made


To ensure the Footnotes Programme is always being used in a way that promotes its full benefits, we have a periodic registration system that protects quality control and keeps you up-to-date with any developments of both new and existing modules. Facilitators submit evidence of their ongoing usage to us and when we can see that all our criteria have been successfully met, we can congratulate with you the continuation of your ongoing registration. The cost of this registration is normally the fee for an online tutorial. 

What Next?

If you think that Footnotes Facilitator training is for you, the next step is to make contact with our team! Book on a conference, invite us to run a training day in your place of work or community, or get stuck in straight away with online private tutorials that go at your pace. We look forward to hearing from you!

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