Connect with other Facilitators

Connect with other Facilitators

We’re Global

The Facilitator Programme is available all over the world. As individuals and communities develop a richer understanding of humanity’s diverse ways of living, we are encouraging a closer look and application of inherent abilities to each individual. This in turn promotes a culture where everyone can thrive and contribute. 

 We would love to encourage you to become part of this journey with Footnotes, and to become part of a wide reaching community of support, innovation and achievement. Thus benefitting from the experiences of others and contributing to a body of information, that is helping more and more people to understand themselves and contribute the best of that to education, work, and life.

Connect Locally

If you would like to connect with, or start, a Footnotes Community in your area, do get in touch. There may well be one near you, or else it could be a wonderful opportunity to establish one, with our help. 

Your Transition

Perhaps you like the idea of moving from one location, or field, into a new one? With an ever-growing network that spans different countries, cultures and professional fields, Footnotes could be the vehicle that you use to make that transition.

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