The market place today places demands on businesses that can cause them to succeed or fail very quickly. Using Footnotes in a business, at either a personal or corporate level, can help you to see the bigger picture and be more effective at understanding the scope of the plan, whilst achieving and exceeding goals. The collaboration of varied kinds of thinkers is often key to the success of small or large companies. With the input of bespoke visual multilayered thinking (VMT) awareness training and use of Footnotes grids, both individuals and whole teams can find their personal and collective potential realised.


For many years, thinking and learning in words has dominated the workplace, but there is an increasing realisation that an understanding of non-linear, visual multilayered thinking is vital for the workplaces of the future. Footnotes’ alternative VMT methods introduce techniques that can allow people to realise their full thinking and communication potential. The techniques inspire holistic information processing, strengthening personal and team management capabilities and innovation skills.

New Footnotes applications for the business environment are being developed on a regular basis, some of these are listed here:

  • Executive & Senior Management non-linear functioning skills
  • Multi-business meeting and mediation hosting
  • Individual and group innovative thinking support
  • Multilayered thinkers business start-up support
  • Making the most of your specific thinking skills

Workshops and online sessions can be booked as stand alone input or can also be incorporated as part of an existing event such as a conference or team meeting.

Here are some of the business related modules which might be useful to you:

For a more comprehensive list of available Footnotes modules please visit our grids page.


Training is available from all perspectives of a business, from CEO to shop floor temp support.  It can take place in the workplace alongside the normal working day, or can be offered as bespoke training sessions. Footnotes training also transfers well using online conferencing, and one-to-one online tutorials can be booked to bring a very powerful dynamic into a live working situation.

Existing staff can be trained to become Footnotes Facilitators to the rest of the workforce. Depending on the kind of business you are running you may even choose to become licensed to offer Footnotes training as a specialist.

To find out more about the various training options we offer, visit this page or get in touch to ask about tailored sessions.


Oliver West, creator and founder of Footnotes, offers visual multilayered thinking (VMT) awareness support, Footnotes consultation and bespoke training with you or your organisation.  This could be in areas such as policy making, management support, assessment strategies, and working environment development within your business, to name but a few.

For more information visit this page or get in touch to book a consultation.

Public Speaking & Motivational Awareness

You can also invite Oliver to speak at any event that you are organising. From conferences, to meetings to plenary and breakout presentations.

For more information visit this page or get in touch to book Oliver.


“I am the CFO for a London based management consultancy and have been actively using the grid for over four years. The grid helps me sort my thoughts quickly. Examples of where I apply the grid include, solving a complex business problem, preparing a speech and taking notes. The benefit of the grid is not only the freedom of using a visual approach but also a neat way of coping with multi-layered thinking. My life has not been the same since being exposed to footnotes and Oliver”

“I am particularly grateful for your introduction to Oliver West’s visual thinking techniques. I have read his book and am amazed at how much of it I recognise as my own experience! I am starting to use the grids and techniques. It feels like a big relief to have this tool! So a big thank you for that.”

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