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Behaviour Management

Time and again, Footnotes has proved that it holds vital keys to unlock positive changes in people who have been labelled with negative behavioural issues. Its non-threatening, personal approach gives confidence to the user, who benefits from the sense of security they feel when using strategies that are driven forward in their own control and at their own pace. We at Footnotes have often witnessed the wonderful transformation of individuals who start to possess a sense of their worth as they witness their own ability to change their lives.


We often hear from people who have either worked with somebody who has, or they themselves have, struggled to benefit from anger management related strategies or programmesIn some instances we’ve found that the individual has felt more demoralised and even more isolated as a result. Strategies that they desperately want to take on board actually turn out to fail them, making them feel as though they have failed and that there is no way out from this repetitive behaviour. Perhaps they’re behaviours they have learnt from a long time ago, or they may be dealing with a high sense of justice, where they feel misunderstood.

Behavioural management strategies also work within health areas where an individual has to change the way that they treat themselves or treat others.

Footnotes has a track record of enabling individuals. It’s not about ‘mind over matter’ strategies — these may fail in situations where an individual is ‘seeing red’, or where a fear or a memory just creates a ‘freeze moment’, or a restriction on them being able to self-manage.

What Footnotes has powerfully demonstrated, over and over again, is that through the use of image-based sequencing of information, individuals have been able to ‘give themselves a message’ for when they desperately need it. In some senses it is as though they are reprogramming their response to a situation by literally leaving themselves an image ready for that situation, one that will trigger a better decision or a right response. In so doing, they feel in control and able to avoid behavioural or other labels.


Our portfolio of strategies range from enabling an individual to gain perspective of their situation, seeing it from various angles or points of view, through to harnessing new hopes and being able to see a pathway and timeline to their successful goal. Footnotes supports changing behaviour, helping individuals to pre-determine a new response and organise themselves so that their behaviour is steered through time. 

When it comes to communication, Footnotes offers strategies for better interaction between those with previously difficult connections, and can also address reconciliation where anger or mistrust is preventing the way forward.

In multi-agency settings, the mediation strategies also have an important part to play bringing all parties together, and facilitating exchange. 

Pastoral care
There is a large overlap between behaviour management and pastoral care support that Footnotes offers. Please visit our ‘Counsellors and Pastoral Carers’ section for more information about using Footnotes in emotional support and post-trauma recovery.

These are a selection of some of the grid modules available ..

To find out about the modules that cover these topics, and many others, visit our grids page.


Training is available from all perspectives of behaviour management, for those in supporting roles and those looking to change. It can take place in an auditorium or in your living room, via conferences, lectures, workshops, family sessions, or one-to-one online tutorials. You can find out more about what it means to be a visual multilayered thinker, learn in depth about specific Footnotes strategies that take your fancy, or even qualify as a facilitator of Footnotes, enabling you to work as an instructor in a variety of settings. These strategies are highly relevant in many other fields as well.

To find out more about the various training options we offer, ranging from one-off sessions to a longer programme of support, visit this page.


If you would like to refer anyone for individual Footnotes support or intervention, visit this page.


Oliver West, creator and founder of Footnotes, offers visual multilayered thinking (VMT) awareness support, Footnotes consultation and bespoke training with you or your organisation. This could be in areas such as policy making, curriculum creation and management support, assessment strategies, and learning or working environment development.

For more information visit this page or get in touch to book a consultation.

Public Speaking & Motivational Awareness

You can also invite Oliver to speak at any event that you are organising. From conferences, to plenary and breakout presentations and even school assemblies.

For more information visit this page or get in touch to book Oliver.


Sample “Picture This”, a film made by Dan Evans and Richard Blake:

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“No one’s ever really got through to Dwayne. So I think when Oli West came in here and started telling Dwayne his own experiences and Dwayne would be looking at him and thinking ‘yeah that happened to me’ or ‘yeah I do that’. So I think he’s probably the first person he’s ever actually really looked to.”

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