Visual Thinking Awareness

This training gives an awareness of just how many thought processes you might be juggling within any given moment, and how to manage them. It offers guidance to help understand and harness the best of a person’s learning and thinking styles. In turn it uses this knowledge to better navigate their learning environment. We offer engaging input, sharing relevant and inspiring examples that are humorous, heartwarming, challenging and empowering.

Visual Thinking Awareness Training

To find out more about visual thinking awareness training, ranging from one-off sessions, to a longer programme of support, please visit this linked page.

It may be that you wish to build upon you visual thinking awareness more specifically with the Footnotes techniques, either with Footnotes Foundations or the full Facilitator Programme.

Individual learners are given a chance to work closely with Oliver. Applying his visual thinking techniques in an enjoyable often out-of-doors environment, or maybe in a museum or gallery. These days provide particular opportunities for challenged learners.

The emergence of the Footnotes Individual learning plan in European schools, to help multilingual children learn their curriculum work in English, meant that teachers needed to have simple tools to offer visual learning strategies within the classroom which could be immediately utilised by the learner.

The Footnotes techniques are straightforward and have been used by many different schools in the UK and overseas. Training sessions for staff are an important part of Footnotes school visits. Particularly useful for those who teach learners who find linear learning difficult.

Teachers are quickly trained to help children develop their grid use. A child quickly gets used to using their organisation, distraction, remembering, spelling, learning, essay, maths grids among others, which enables them to integrate more easily into the classroom lessons. Video and film, conferences and activity days are on-going parts of teacher training.

As more technical advances continue to become available to educationists, the use of the Footnotes grid system becomes more and more useful as a teaching tool, enabling individuality to flourish without straining the curriculum.

It is often the case that the Teachers find the Footnotes program useful for navigating their own professional practice.

Staff training is available in two forms either; in person at the facility where staff teach or online using video conferencing to deliver the training. If you require further details or have any questions you can contact Oliver here.

Has a really important role in helping education communities identify these unique learning styles before it’s too late. Before sometimes conventional education systems impact negatively on self-discovery/awareness.

They could be achieving more, teacher knows. and the ones that are failing.

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