Footnotes training can be arranged to suit individual or group needs, ranging from an intensive programme of scheduled input, through to monthly visits, or even webinar conference training sessions. We are also open to suggestions for training structure that you feel might be suitable to you. On site training can happen more quickly in your area if you know of others who are interested in receiving the same training. That said, even if you are just an individual, do contact us, as we may be able to connect you up with others in your area.

Peer Mentoring

Teaching peers is one of the best ways to develop mastery, and not only is Footnotes an ideal vehicle for peer mentoring, but peer mentoring is ideally suited to Footnotes! Peer teaching is not a new concept; it can be traced back to the times of Aristotle. Over the past 30-40 years, peer teaching/mentoring has become increasingly popular. It is a method by which one student instructs another student in material on which the first is an expert and the second is a novice.

The main benefits of peer teaching include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Students receive more time for individualized learning
  • Direct interaction between students promotes active learning
  • Peer teachers reinforce their own learning by instructing others
  • Students feel more comfortable and open when interacting with a peer
  • Peers and students share a similar discourse, allowing for greater understanding
  • Peer teaching is a financially efficient alternative to hiring more staff member

Research also indicates that peer learning activities typically yield team-building spirit and more supportive relationships; greater psychological well-being, social competence, communication skills and self-esteem; and higher achievement and greater productivity in terms of enhanced learning outcomes for both tutor and tutee.

If you are interested in a ‘train the trainer’ approach, do contact us for more information.

VMT Awareness

A visual approach that helps you discover your multilayered ways

This training gives an awareness of just how many thought processes one might be juggling within any given moment, and how to manage them. It offers guidance to help understand and harness the best of a person’s learning and thinking styles, and in turn use this knowledge to better navigate their learning/working environment. We offer engaging input, sharing relevant and inspiring examples that are humorous, heartwarming, challenging and empowering.

To find out more about VMT awareness training, ranging from one-off sessions, to a longer programme of input, please get in touch.

It may be that you wish to build upon you VMT awareness more specifically with the Footnotes techniques, either with Footnotes Foundations or the full Facilitator Programme, see below.

Footnotes Foundations

An opportunity to learn about the Footnotes Programme and its 30+ grid uses, to see the impact and benefits of its simple application whilst demonstrating the breadth of its relevance across many walks of life. This training offers a good foundational understanding of the Footnotes techniques and also gives an overview of some specific strategies, chosen according to your own needs or interests.

To find out more about Footnotes Foundations training, please get in touch.

This often also forms the first step of the Facilitator Training Programme, see below.

Facilitator Training Programme

This international training programme allows interested individuals to become accredited Facilitators of the strategy, equipped to deliver Footnotes within your organisation or in a self-employed context. Once established as a Footnotes Facilitator, you can go on to qualify as a Facilitator Trainer, enabling you to offer this programme to a much wider audience.

Time and time again Footnotes proves to bridge the huge divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’, the highly trained and the unskilled.

Building on an understanding of how the Footnotes grid works, a trainee will specialise in different modules, as they choose. To find out about the 30+ different module options that Facilitators can train in, from spelling, to essay writing, to presentation giving and much more, please see our list of modules.

To find out more about how Facilitator Training works, how to get accreditation and what this means for you, please visit this page.

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