The Grids

The Footnotes Programme uses visual thinking techniques based around the use of a paper (or digital) grid. There are many different versions of this grid, which are applicable in all sorts of contexts. The current list contains more than 30 applications, and it’s growing all the time as more are always being developed! Indeed if your area of expertise has a particular need, it could well be that a grid we haven’t made publicly available exists just for you; so do make contact and ask us.

You can see below a selection of some of the uses of the Footnote Grid, or use the link underneath the image to download them as a pdf. Many of these modules have applications to multiple fields.

To find out more about any of the strategies you can book an online tutorial from anywhere around the world, attend a training day, or invite one of our trainers to run a tailor-made programme within your organisation. This training is delivered in modular format, with each module representing a different grid, and is offered either for personal use or up to facilitator level.

 The origins of these ideas can be found in the book ‘In Search of Words’, also available through our site, in print or digital format.

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