Public Speaking and Motivational Awareness

Public Speaking and Motivational Awareness

Oliver is often invited to speak at conferences or public events where there’s an opportunity for individuals to get a quick snapshot awareness of themselves, and those they work with, in the area of visual multilayered thinking (VMT) — a phrase Oliver coined about a decade ago. The feedback has been positive:  it’s uplifting, encouraging, interactively dynamic, and therefore a good starter to an event or conference.

He has an number of enthusiastic team members who have their own experience with Footnotes VMT that they often bring to motivational speaking settings. Alongside VMT awareness, Footnotes creates a platform for the rest of the conference, enabling individuals to identify the relevance of visual multilayered thinking, not just in their lives but also in the lives of the people that they work with.

There are three main categories in which Oliver is usually invited to speak:

Firstly, the importance of knowing one’s own visual multilayered thinking capabilities, both in the working/learning environment, and in everyday life. This applies to any and every individual who is open to harnessing their untapped ability to visually process information. 

Secondly, knowing how to apply Footnotes alongside VMT, or as a stand-alone programme. Oliver’s 20+ years of being a dyslexia support consultant, and speaking into dyslexia awareness situations, has allowed him to support and enable individuals to actually see their dyslexia as a benefit rather than a disadvantage. It must be stressed that Footnotes is a programme that is relevant to all types of thinkers and not solely for dyslexic learners.

Thirdly, his experience of working with individuals on the autistic spectrum in various parts of the world has also drawn Oliver into public speaking arenas, where his experience of visual multilayered thinking in those specific settings have being invaluable, both for those supporting and those needing support with the strategies.

These presentations are kept open and broad, and Oliver delivers in such a way that all individuals are taken into consideration, whether you’re a visual multilayered thinker, or a linear thinker who needs to work with such an individual.

If you’d like to book Oliver as a keynote or in a motivational speaker setting, contact us here.