In addition to resources such as Oliver West’s book ‘In Search of Words‘, and the Facilitator Training Course Module publications, we also have several other Footnotes products available to help support VMT ways.


Initially sold as a print version, we have been unable to keep up with demand and so have decided to produce a lifetime digital version of this popular calendar, that you can use and use! Available with illustrations from either the student or the everyday life originals, and tips from ‘In Search of Words’, this calendar can be started at any point in any year, and be printed over and over to help you organise your days in visual multilayered ways.

We really believe that the Footnotes grid calendar system will transform the lives of many, by simply giving them more control to organise life in their preferred way. As a result, we want to make this product widely available.  We’re putting it out there for £9.99 so that it is affordable for those who need it. The price is low for a lifetime product and we have costs to recuperate, but we’re trusting the Footnotes community to respect our terms and conditions by not sharing the file. Feel free to buy copies for your friends, helping both them and us, as we look to sustainably continue the work of Footnotes long into the future.

Find it here in the shop, where you can also browse our other Footnotes products.

Footnotes PC Software

The Footnotes grid strategy has proven to work very well and is a fantastic way for visual thinkers to communicate. With this software, the method and theory of the paper technique has been created within the digital realm, to open up the strategy to a vast amount of new opportunities and potentials for learning and organising. It gives the ability to create digital grids, with the freedom to draw, edit and store thoughts, reminders and ideas. The rapid thought process of holistic thinkers can be captured easily with this simple and effective tool.

The software offers an array of different uses and ways of creating a personal approach to Footnotes. It even allows the user to import scans, images or photographs to their digital grids. This is ideal for seen images that trigger a thought, to be placed onto a grid which can then be edited amongst grid squares of personalised drawn pictures. It also enables the exporting of digitally drawn images from a grid into a variety of places. The ability to import pictures from hand drawn grids strengthens their connection with digitally drawn grids and allows the possibility to record thoughts anywhere.

You can download the manual here, to learn more about how it could work for you (you may need to right-click on the link and then click “Save File As”).

Find it here in the shop, where you can also browse our other Footnotes products.

For non-PC users, you might want to try our latest Footnotes webApp for similar functionality, see below.

Footnotes App

The brand new Footnotes web app has been designed to work with tablet technology, as well as on some desktop platforms. The grid first went digital about a decade ago, and since then it has been developing alongside the ongoing development and broader use of the FootnotesVMT Programme. Newly launched as an app, you can sign up for free trial usage here. This allows you to save 2 grids at any one time.

We hope that you very much enjoy using this app, and if so that you would be happy to donate towards its upkeep. You may also like to help further developments happen, making it even more beneficial and versatile for users. A donation will also unlock your ability to save an unlimited amount of grids. You can’t say fairer than that!

If you would like to make a donation, please visit this page.

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