Policy Makers

Policy Makers

Footnotes provides a flexible mapping tool that overcomes the difficulty of gathering and formulating large amounts of information from diverse situations. It enables policy makers to never lose sight of the needs of the people that the policy affects.


Footnotes gives the ability to overlay the parameters of previous policy and current financial and legal constraints whilst providing the arena for fresh, flexible policies to be made. It enables traffic of high density of information without overwhelming the layman reader.

The strategy is able to identify and maintain the focus of large amounts of information that need consideration, which also brings one faster and closer to the hub of the policy issue at hand, thus saving time from unnecessary follow up ‘to and fro’ dialogue, and from pauses that may hamper the decision making process.

With some projects lasting a considerable amount of time, Footnotes enables a ‘right up to the last minute’ editable system of document creation, often highlighting the incomplete, and giving the ability to accumulate information as it comes in, without it disrupting or undoing the process of policy creation.

As policies are made collaboratively, by multiple individuals/teams often from diverse backgrounds, the multilayered layered capacity of Footnotes to easily transcend all barriers of language, logic and culture are highly beneficial. These are a selection of some of the grid modules available ..

To find out about the modules that cover these topics, and many others, visit our grids page.


Oliver West, creator and founder of Footnotes, offers visual multilayered thinking (VMT) awareness support, Footnotes consultation and bespoke training with you or your organisation. These strategies are highly relevant to policy making but can also be applied in many other fields as well. This could be in areas such as programme creation, policy assessment strategies, research development and management support.

For more information visit this page or get in touch to book a consultation.


“At GHNI we meet with policy makers from all over the world. It’s my experience that Footnotes has what it takes to deliver fast acting, powerful strategies to enable those in positions of authority to assess, agree and deploy what is needed. …It’s a scalable and capable program that defines and delivers whether it be in a refuge camp or in a boardroom.”

Hal Jones – CEO and Founder of Global Hope Network International.

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