Judicial System

Judicial System

Footnotes offers a unique range of strategies that support both the multi agency teams working in the judicial system, and the members of the public they are working with. It might be people who are at risk of offending, have previously offended, or were victims of crime, as well as those making policy decisions or working in general public awareness.


The various Footnotes modules can support all the parties involved in judicial processes.  Footnotes often helps where colleagues from different teams have a very short period of time to cross-reference work that they are doing, potentially with the same individual or group of people. Footnotes offers a quick knowledge transfer strategy. That process isn’t just for between professionals, it can also be used in supporting individuals. For example, working with someone who is under a final warning.

We have come across non-reader/writers young offenders who have to sign a form when they’ve been arrested, before anything can proceed. They’re usually too embarrassed to show that they have been unable to read the paperwork. Footnotes gives the ability in such a circumstance to ensure that information is given to the individual, so that they understand what their situation is, and how they’re able to respond to that most effectively. This then creates a better dialogue opportunity. In cases where the officer knows the young person, they may also be able to refer them back to a previous conversation that involved the use of a grid, and the images that gave them the ability without words to understand themselves and others.

We also work with dyslexic police staff, for example, who find the systems in place for making evaluation and reports quite difficult, arduous and impractical. Our feedback has been that they find the grid helps to keep things much fresher and capture the detail of memory. 

Footnotes gives officers adjustability so that they can be accurate with their personal note taking, and process how they best deal with people. It also helps them put together documents that can grow and adapt, depending on the latest piece of information that’s come in, or a recent experience they’ve had with a member of the public.

Behaviour management
Footnotes also offers complimentary strategies in behaviour management support. Please visit our ‘Behaviour Management’ section for more information about using Footnotes as a tool to help facilitate positive behavioural change and management.

These are a selection of some of the grid modules available ..

To find out about the modules that cover these topics, and many others, visit our grids page.


Training is available from all perspectives of the judicial system, from police officers of all ranks, to probation officers, youth offending teams, offenders of all ages, legal practitioners and more. It can take place in an auditorium or a living room, via conferences, lectures, workshops, family sessions, or one-to-one online tutorials. You can find out more about what it means to be a visual multilayered thinker, learn in depth about specific Footnotes strategies that take your fancy, or even qualify as a facilitator of Footnotes, enabling you to work as an instructor in a variety of settings. These strategies are highly relevant within the judicial system but can also be applied in many other fields as well.

To find out more about the various training options we offer, ranging from one-off sessions to a longer programme of support, visit this page.


To find out about the modules that cover these topics, and many others, visit our grids page.


Oliver West, creator and founder of Footnotes, offers visual multilayered thinking (VMT) awareness support, Footnotes consultation and bespoke training with you or your organisation. This could be in areas such as policy making, curriculum creation and management support, assessment strategies, and learning or working environment development.

For more information visit this page or get in touch to book a consultation.

Public Speaking & Motivational Awareness

You can also invite Oliver to speak at any event that you are organising. From conferences, to plenary and breakout presentations, and public meetings.

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“I use your A4 system on a daily basis for everything thats needs planning and recording of information. It has been a god send. Previously I was extremely anxious when dealing with complex investigations and recording accounts in suspect and victim interviews. But your system is simple and means because it is segmented I can concentrate on the content and not the structure. When I have to monitor a victim interview I can now record pretty much word for word what is being detailed. This can be achieved on a number of A4 sheets of paper where my collegues are using several investigators note books. I use the system in class because I find that being dyslexia I need to record the information in writing it in order to take in what is being said…Your system has completely changed my ability to record and disseminate information”

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