Individuals can benefit from the help offered by Footnotes strategies, in the simplest of tasks or the most complex of situations. Whether you need to write an essay, revise for an exam, produce a shopping list, or take notes in a business meeting, Footnotes can help maximise the efficiency of your time management, and minimise stress levels, providing effective solutions for today’s complex lifestyles.

Taking Footnotes on board is really easy. Why not buy the book or book a tutorial?


There are many ways in which Footnotes can support the individual. Footnotes was brought about primarily so that individuals could work in their preferred way, and that’s exactly what these strategies do. Ranging from enabling you to capture thoughts when you don’t yet know if they’re important, through to working out how to communicate them, value them, order them, present them, or make decisions with them. Perhaps also how to promote those ideas, whilst making sure that your integrity and vision is maintained.

Strategies for decoding, dealing with emotional or behavioural challenges, through to communication and planning are also very important. Many individuals come to us at Footnotes wanting to be better at managing their time. There is a ‘time series’ that offers accurate hour-by-hour support, making sure that you get to the most important things for you to deal with at any given time. These are a selection of some of the grid modules available ..

To find out about the modules that cover these topics, and many others, visit our grids pageDyslexic or autistic? Helping a dyslexic or autistic child? Find out how footnotes can help!


Training can take place in an auditorium or in your living room, via conferences, lectures, workshops, family sessions, or one-to-one online tutorials. You can find out more about what it means to be a visual multilayered thinker, learn in depth about specific Footnotes strategies that take your fancy, or even qualify as a facilitator of Footnotes, enabling you to work as an instructor in a variety of settings. These strategies can be applied in many different fields.

To find out more about the various training options we offer, ranging from one-off sessions to a longer programme of support, visit this page.


“I was inspired by your talk at Falmouth uni. I now use your notes everyday, and come home and colour in all the relevant information on my grid. I then stick it into my book in order to help me order my thoughts properly. I find your technique really helpful… I stick in my distractions at the back on my book, I may need them for inspiration for creative ideas in the future.”

“Thanks again for your tireless pursuit of helping those who think in a different way and were hindered by the traditional education system!”

“Just wanted to say thanks again so much for the seminar last week. It was really inspiring and gave me hope. It seemed that you really understood my situation and what you said made a lot of sense.”

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