Footnotes / VMT Consulting

We offer several different types of Footnotes and VMT consulting, into these different arenas.

VMT Consulting

‘Support’ can evidence in many ways, and can be as diverse as providing a solution that saves time and money; creating efficient working situations; demonstrating a resolved challenge; as well as more personalised results. We have witnessed that people are more relaxed at the end of a consulting session, as they’ve actually got a programme that works for them.

VMT consultation enables the creation of a tailor made, bespoke, ‘whatever it is’ that we are being brought into. It’s that support that enables you to end up with something that’s very unique to your circumstances. Simply said, because of VMT, there’s the ability to create a very adjustable programme for everyone, from individual to corporate level.

Footnotes Consulting

Footnotes VMT consulting can be booked in a number of ways. These include site visits, where meetings and mediation and assessment programmes can be developed and managed, as well as individual meetings carried out by conference call via online video connection, or training away days.

With the different modes of grid uses, an overall understanding of what Footnotes does can be brought into many working situations. For example, where documents need to be produced in a certain way, assessments have to be made, or working groups need to have specific support for their particular area of work and activity. In-house assessments can be made to offer and enable Footnotes VMT grid use in very individual ways.

Conference, Meetings & Mediation

Whether it be organising a conference, bringing a meeting together, or dealing with mediation situations, there are a number of ways in which Footnotes VMT can be of support. This might be through Footnotes Grid use, offering learning difference awareness, or coming in as a third party host. With Oliver’s wealth of experience and strategies, Footnotes VMT can also support the accurate planning and marketing strategy for a given event.

Policy Making

From the most prominent of policy makers to the most vulnerable of children in a village, the breadth of strategies offered by this easily transferrable programme enables workable solutions that transcend barriers of language, culture and even finance. Why is it so successful? Because of its simplicity, and its ability to be uniquely relevant, no matter the environment or situation. VMT awareness and Footnotes consultation support can be effectively brought into challenging and complex situations that many a policy maker may face. Footnotes provides a truly unique way of keeping abreast of all aspects of a document, no matter how many disparate parties are involved in the collaboration.

For further information or to book your bespoke policy making event please contact:     [email protected]

Programme/Curriculum Creation & Management

Footnotes VMT can provide effective support when creating educational curriculums at every level of study. Feasibility programmes and timeframe management can become clear and easy, when Footnotes strategies are applied. Exam questions, document creation, even marketing strategies can be managed efficiently and with confidence, with the structured support that Footnotes VMT can offer.

Assessment & Appraisal

Where assessment and appraisal are required, Footnotes can bring together fair and confidential assessment, and valuable appraisal, that can suit both the provider and the recipient. There are a number of grids that can be used to quickly create, not only the feedback required to make assessment and appraisal, but also the questions and criteria that would form an assessment or appraisal activity. Whether gathering personal self-assessment strategies, or professional development appraisals, Footnotes can offer much support. 

Learning/Working Environment

There is a wide range of consulting available to the area of learning and working environments. Beginning with the creation of the environment itself – paying attention to light and design, simplicity and layout, the position of windows, signage, words, content – right the way through to temperature management and soundproofing. There are so many areas we would love to bring to your attention! Different learners require different kinds of working situations and understanding how we all individually tick, and creating an environment that suits us each better, can make a huge difference to a whole workforce or learning group.

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