Buy Footnotes visual learning techniques

Buy Footnotes visual learning techniques

In addition to resources such as Oliver West’s book ‘In Search of Words‘, and the Facilitator Training Course Module publications, we also have several other Footnotes products available to help support VMT ways.

Over the coming months we will begin to make a series of ebooks with video training components with in them. We are also in the process of creating and publishing follow on books to “In Search of Words”

The next book in the series will be ” In Search of Reasons”. If you would like to be notifiyed when these items will be availble for purchase, please use the contact form to let us know that you are interested. We can then let you know as soon as they comeonline!

In the meantime please browse the Shop for currently available Books, Calendar’s and Software or to book an online training slot!

External links which might be of interest

Here are a couple of speakers who I present with, John and Thomas.

Professor John Stein speaks about the gifts of Dyslexia.

Thomas West speaks about Creative Visual Thinkers.