Families & Groups

When a community or group uses Footnotes life gets more exciting! Imagine the range of information and ideas that could be gathered when more than one person is involved and when a wealth of ideas are shared.


Grid on your fridge
This is the multilayered answer to family communication and coordination, by keeping your family up-to-date whilst holding perspective of their futures. When children no longer listen to their parents and parents don’t know how to listen to their children, seeing the common ground is crucial. When you’ve got the mundane everyday chores and productivity grids on the fridge door, keep life in perspective by pinning up their Hopes and Dreams grids too, and grow each individual’s vision and vocation.

Stay up to date with a grid on your fridge! Why not try it?

Communities in crisis
Where words run out and conversations can quickly lead to misunderstandings or even fights… When those in authority seem to give lip service or even turn a blind eye… When aspirations and expectations have long since departed… Footnotes gives voice to everyone concerned by ensuring that each individual is heard and acknowledged, enabling every point of view to be recognised. Footnotes strategies keep the heart of a community focus in view, and can bring about conclusion and betterment for everyone involved. Whether using a single personal grid, or a series of collective grids, solutions that were once unattainable are able to be realised.

There are always two sides to every story. Footnotes’s impartial approach delivers a fast, safe framework for reconciliation, mapping the process in a sensitively managed way so that all users feel freedom to initiate and respond as they feel ready.

Time line
With busy households having lots of different movements and uses for time, families benefit greatly from our series of time grids. These enable individuals to collaborate when appropriate, to do things like chores, to commit to being together or being left alone, through to meeting deadlines and generally resolving any tensions or challenges that might exist.

Dialogue; discussions; dealing with arguments or disagreements; coming to a mutual understanding. These are all things that families who come to us at Footnotes have found our various strategies useful for. They can bring all areas of interest and opinion to light in a way that is non-confrontational and fair, but gives every individual the opportunity to see the big picture. Not only their big pictures but also the big pictures of those they are dialoguing with. This helps individuals to move into better agreements, become better at relating to one another, and so develop a more thriving community existence. These are a selection of some of the grid modules available ..

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To find out about the modules that cover these topics, and many others, visit our grids page.


Oliver West, creator and founder of Footnotes, offers visual multilayered thinking (VMT) awareness support, Footnotes consultation and bespoke training with you or your family/organisation. This could be in areas such as mediation, communication strategies, policy making, management support, and assessment strategies to name but a few.

For more information visit this page or get in touch to book a consultation.


“I ordered your book after a dyslexia workshop on saturday.  It arrived this morning and I have already read it which is incredibly unusual for me.  It was such an eyeopener and I wanted to say thank you.  I can’t wait to try out your techniques with my severely dyslexic son.  It was particularly good to read about what you had to say about hyper focus.  It just makes such sense.”

“I don’t think I thanked you properly for all your work with Richard. I was really thrilled by what was achieved on Thursday, and we are so positive about the future…If I was religious I would say you are the answer to my prayers but as I’m not, I just consider myself so lucky to have found you!”