How can you

Help a Dyslexic Child?

In order to help a dyslexic child, you should understand what dyslexia is.

We at Footnotes, like to think of dyslexia as more of an ability than a ‘dis’ability. We have seen how differences in learning styles when given an environment in which to flow, allows for expanded – even enhanced- ability and creativity.

That’s why we believe it’s so important that individuals showing dyslexia traits are encouraged to focus on the very characteristic which in some learning and working environments are deemed a negative rather than a positive attribute. 

We are as unique as our fingerprints; why then would we assume that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning will be successful?

We believe that those labelled with dyslexia often need to dual process and even multi layer their thinking to be able to better function. This ‘seeing the big picture’ approach is regularly the opposite advice given to so called ‘slow learners’ who are deemed to need ‘bite sized’ pieces of information in something of a formatted structure.