3x1hr online group module training for individuals (min 3 people)




These online module training sessions are for those wanting to learn a chosen module as part of a global online Footnotes community group . These time zone specific groups will focus on the uses of grids relating to the module of choice. For most individuals, each of your chosen modules can be learnt over the period of 3 sessions with practice time in between. There will be an approximate 2 week gap between sessions 1,2 and 3, giving you time to practice and personalise your use of the module. For those wanting to receive a certificate or to become a Footnotes facilitator, you will be asked to evidence your use of the grids during and after the training. As soon as you can demonstrate that you are using it effectively as guided we will be delighted to send you a certificate enabling you to be a facilitator for others in that particular module. We can guide you as to fees you might charge for this service. The initial certificate is valid for 12 months. To extend the certificate you just need to evidence your continued use and connect in for an update session approximately every 12 months per module.

Once you have made payment we will invite you to join a module and time zone specific group as soon as one comes available. It can sometimes take a week or so to bring the group together at mutually beneficial times etc.

For these online course sessions to begin we will in most cases need a minimum of 3 bookings to commence with the training. If you want to get started even more quickly please consider booking a one to one tutorial option instead or as well.

Please do contact us for more information or to discuss your specific requirements.


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