We at Footnotes are passionate about spreading the amazing testimonies of hope and liberation that can come when these strategies are applied in real life situations. Facilitators play an integral role in the Footnotes story. These are mostly, but not soley, people who have discovered first-hand how powerful Footnotes can be. People who have experienced a measure of success in their own lives through using Footnotes, and who now want to help others to find and experience breakthroughs in their own lives. However, there are also busy individuals holding down jobs, who want a very specific application of Footnotes, which they can get in a matter of hours to directly impact their area of focus.

Over the years, we have also observed that Footnotes is often more effective when it has been delivered through a realm of influence or a relationship. Ie. in a work/school context, or through family or friends. This is due to the absolute transparency of the way that Footnotes operates: there are no hidden gimmicks or surprises; when a positive change in a person’s life is witnessed by others, the testimony speaks powerfully for itself.

We greatly value our Facilitators; without these amazing people, the effectiveness of Footnotes would travel at a much slower pace. Many times over, we hear the same phrase: “I wish we had found you years ago!” This is so significant to us that we don’t want to waste any time, and are working hard to ensure that Footnotes can be accessible to all….now! This is why the Footnotes Facilitator Programme has been developed.

It is important to stress that in order to become a fully-fledged Facilitator, no previous training or familiarity is compulsory; you may just have a ‘hunch’ that Footnotes would work for you, or you may even know of a number of people close to you for whom you think Footnotes could be a key to bring them a positive breakthrough. We welcome the opportunity to deliver Footnotes in bite-size pieces and, as some of the modules can be applied straight away and the impact can be seen immediately,  you can learn Footnotes at your own pace, trying it on for size first.

If you are interested and would like to find out more about this training opportunity, please explore the following pages, all of which can also be accessed through the drop-down ‘Facilitators’ menu.